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Vaillant - Arostor HP 270 L - Heat Pump

Vaillant - Arostor HP 270 L - Heat Pump

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Floor-standing domestic hot water heat pump ranges are aroSTOR 200 L and 270 L. and Offers perfect domestic hot water comfort and extracts energy from the ambient air.

  • Uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 ( 150 gr)
  • iHiHigh efficiency
  • Extremely quiet operation ( volume of 48dB, sound pressure level (1m):36 dB
  • low maintenance costs (stainless steel cylinder)
  • Other heat generators, thanks to the additional pipe coil, it is possible to also connect an additional heat generator such as gas-fired boilers or solid-fuel boilers
  • EHPA label
  • Domestic hot water comfort for up to six people
  • Comfortable operation ( 1.5 kW back-up heater, circular connection
  • High product quality
  • (5yr guarantee for the cylinder; 2 yr guarantee for all other components)
  • Easy positioning ( 63 cm diameter, 20% weight reduction)
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for the airflow network
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