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Utility Water Filtration -3M - Aqua-Pure IAS102T

Utility Water Filtration -3M - Aqua-Pure IAS102T

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Large Capacity Whole House Filtration and Scale Inhibition System

The large capacity IAS102T effectively improves your experience of using water by reducing the harmful effects of hard water and removing sediments. The system reduces sediments and other contaminants to provide cleaner, clearer water used throughout your house. This can be used for higher flow rates and larger houses.



The IAS102T operates at a water pressure upto 862 kPa, flow rate upto 60 LPM and temperatures upto 37.8°C.

Maintains efficiency and helps extend the life of water-using appliances

Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials - food grade scale inhibitor.

Transparent housing for easy viewing of cartridge.

Built-in pressure relief for easy cartridge replacement

Benefits :

Increases life of your expensive fixtures and appliances. Maintains efficiency and helps extend life of all water-using systems.

Saves Electricity. Helps reduce energy costs.

High flow rate. Reduced scaling in pipes and fixtures improves the rate of flow of water.

Clean hair and Glowing skin. Soft water is easily absorbed by our skin and helps maintain hydration leading to glowing skin and hair.

Cleaner laundry. Cleaner, softer, longer lasting fabric.

Easy installation. Minimal maintenance and service requirements.

Specifications :

Attribute Name   -   Value

Micron Rating  -      5

Diameter ( Inches) -  4.56 Inch

Height ( Inches)    -   24.25

Flow Rate ( LPM) -  60

Inlet Outlet Size ( NPT) -  3/4"

Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius) - 37.8°C

Pressure Range ( bar) - 1.7-6.9

Replacement Interval -  6 -12 Month

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