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Racold - CDR Swift -10L-3803161-Electric Storage Water Heater

Racold - CDR Swift -10L-3803161-Electric Storage Water Heater

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At Racold, we create products that are long lasting and efficient. The CDR range of electric storage water heaters feature Racold’s specially designed SPHP inner tank that ensures corrosion resistance, high pressure withstanding capacity and high energy efficiency.

SPHP - We have created a unique polymer protective coating for the inner container to resist corrosion from hard water.

Hygiene - This electric storage water heater has a super polymer coating that ensures no contamination whatsoever, providing clean water supply for years.

Smart Guard – A special anode used with the heat element employs an electrolytic process that protects it from corrosion. This greatly enhances the life of our products.

Vertical Mounting also Available Horizontal Mounting Price Differant

Type - Storage

Available Capacity in  Litres - 10, 6

Power KW - 3

Warranty - Tank - 5,  HE - 2,  Product - 2

Vertical Mounting

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