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Kerakoll - Aquastop Nanoflex Eco - Waterproofing Products

Kerakoll - Aquastop Nanoflex Eco - Waterproofing Products

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Aquastop Nanoflex Eco (Single Component Mineral Flexible Waterproofing for all Wet Areas)

Certified, eco-frindly,breathable, anti-alkali and chlorine-resistant, mineral membrane for the flexible waterproofing with high levels of adhesion and durability of surfaces befor laying tiles using adhesives, ideal for use in Green Building.

Aquastop Nanoflex develops a smooth creamy mixtur paste, consistency can be adjuste by varying the amount of water in order to achieve optimal workability as per the particular site conditions. Guarantees maximum adhesion to the bonded system.


Crack Bridging Ability Even at Low Temperatures

Specifically Intended for Laying Using H40 No Limits or Bioflex

30% Better Coverage Than Two-Component Systems

Pack - 20 kg Bags With Handle

Coverage - 1.15 kg/mper mm of thickness

Shelf life - 12 months

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