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Kristall Klar Strainer with SS 304 Mesh

Kristall Klar Strainer with SS 304 Mesh

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Kristall Klar - Online Strainer with SS 304 Mesh

Water we use contains great amount of dirt and particles which severly affect the installed accessories and appliances in our Bathrooms, thereby compromising their correct functioning. Equipments and appliances like bath fittings, shower heads, pumps, pipelines, washing machine, dishwasher etc get clogged and damaged due to the dirt particles in the water.

The KRISTALL KLAR strainer helps to filter out the dirt through its stainless steel mesh, resulting in clear water supply to the pipelines. It is easy to install and suitable for residential as well as industrial use.



lnstall KRISTALL KLAR to the pipelines.

The dirt particles from the water are filtered out through the stainless-steel mesh inside the transparent container, delivering clean water supply to the pipelines.

Simply turn the black knob underneath the transparent container to flush out dirt.

ln case of excessive dirt accumulation, use the spanner provided to open the transparent container and manually clean the stainless-steel mesh.

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