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Hand Dryers - ASKON - AS- 45-IR(W) - Single Blower

Hand Dryers - ASKON - AS- 45-IR(W) - Single Blower

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Fully automatic single blower hand dryer with IR Sensor

Deep drawn single piece outer cover, 1.2 mm thick

Power : 1250 W üPower Supply: 230 VAC, 50Hz, Single Phase

Heating Coil : Spiral wound Kanthal heating element.

mpellers : Aluminum impeller, dynamically balanced

Motors : Brushless AC motor, 2850 RPM

Maximum air temperature at outlet : 70 °C

Noise Level : 75db @ 1 meter

Get LEED credits for Green Building certification


Safety & Anti-Vandalism Features:

75 seconds auto cut-off timer with 30 second safety
shutdown* feature to prevent misuse and vandalism.
Motor equipped with thermal cut-off for overheating protection.
Heating coil equipped with thermal cut-off and thermal fuse for over heating protection.

*After 75 seconds of continuous use, the hand dryer will enter into safety shut down mode for 30 seconds. Duringthese 30 seconds, the hand dryer will not start even if an object is present in front of the sensor. After 30 seconds,the sensor will check if the object has been removed. If not, the hand dryer will not start till it is removed.



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