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Gray Stone BathTub

Gray Stone BathTub

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The natural stone provides an overall basis around which your entire bathroom can be built, which is a huge design advantage. Regardless of what look, you are going for – a completely modern look or a mid-century natural aesthetic to match your stone basin - a stone bathtub is a perfect choice to incorporate a luxe look and a relaxing accessory.

This wonderfully rugged river stone bathtub made of natural rock seems like it could still be on a mountainside in the clear-skied wilderness… for any bathers who want that feeling of relaxing in the open air far from the hustle and bustle of human society, this is the perfect tub for you! It is perfectly hand-carved from natural river stone, collected from accumulating sediment through the ages and brought finally into the comfort of your home, with minimal exterior refinement for a powerfully raw aesthetic. 

Inside, however, is a different story: it has been carefully honed to a glasslike finish for comfortable bathing. The unrefined stone exterior has a natural beauty and a strong, durable thickness that is shown on the carved edges of the tub. For more Customized Stone bathtub please contact us by Call & email

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