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Carysil - Standard 1/2 HP - Food Waste Disposer

Carysil - Standard 1/2 HP - Food Waste Disposer

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    • Residential Use


  • Fast and efficient installation system, easily attaches to the sink
  • More than 35,000 + R/M grinding speed
  • Higher RPM and Higher Torque
  • Space saving design
  • Pass 10 year life test
  • Corrosion resistant grinding components
  • Removable splash guard include


  • No presence of food waste clogging sinks and waterways
  • Neat and clean dustbin
  • Air in the kitchen stays fresh as there is no presence of foul smell
  • Hygienic and sparkling clean kitchen in a short time
  • Keeps Cockroaches and pests away
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less usage of plastic bags
  • Efficient time management leading to relaxed quality time with family members
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