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Automatic JET Hand Dryers - ASKON - ASH-MJ4

Automatic JET Hand Dryers - ASKON - ASH-MJ4

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Specifications - 
Material: Anti-Microbial and Fire-Retardant ABS,Hand Dryers
Power: Smartly uses heat energy from the motor. Optionally if heater is switched ON, the heater only turns ON if ambient temp falls below 20°C.
Dries hands under 15 seconds using thin sheets of 90 m/s high velocity air.
High Speed Brushless DC (BLDC) motor with 31000 RPM provides high air speed with low levels of noise compared to brushed motors.
Equipped with a water tray to avoid water dripping on floor. Water tray has overflow LED which blinks when tank is full
Motor speed & heater coil adjustable by switch
Noise level: 75 db@ 1mtr
Equipped with HEPA filter to remove 99% dust and micro-organisms from intake air

 Safety Features - 

30 seconds auto cut-off timer with LED indicato

Heating coil and motor equipped with thermal cut-off and thermal fuse for over heating protection

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