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Automatic JET Hand Dryers - ASKON - ASH-MJ3

Automatic JET Hand Dryers - ASKON - ASH-MJ3

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Specifications - 

Material: ABS 

ASH-MJ3 - Automatic JET Hand Dryers

Power: Smartly uses heat energy from motor. Optionally if heater is switched ON, in low speed mode heater will be ON and in high speed mode heater will turn ON only if ambient falls below 20°C.

Dries hands under 12 seconds using thin sheets of 100 m/s high velocity air.

Noise level: 78 db@ 1mtr

High Speed Brushless DC (BLDC) motor with 33000 RPM provides high air speed with low levels of noise compared to brushed motors.

Motor speed & heater coil adjustable by switch

Equipped with a water tray to avoid water dripping on floor.

LED display indicates hand drying cycle

Equipped with HEPA filter to remove 99% dust and micro-organisms from intake air


Safety Features - 
20 seconds auto cut-off timer
Heating coil and motor equipped with thermal cut-off and thermal fuse for over heating protection


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