3M - DWS 2000T - Drinking Water System

3M - DWS 2000T - Drinking Water System

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Use  Drinking Water System

Description- Smart Drinking Water System ( No electricity and No water wastage)

Flow Rate (in liter/ minute ) -2.85

Filtration IN Microns - 0.2 Microns

A unique drinking water system that uses advanced Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon Technology ("I.M.P.A.C.T.") technology to provide 99.99% germ free water, without wasting water or using electricity.


  • Provides water free from cysts and Volatile Organic compounds(VOC)
  • Simple under-the-sink design with a dedicated superior grade stainless steel faucet. Faucet comes with an LED indicator for cartridge-change
  • No water wasted in the process of filtration.
  • It works without electricity and gives you continuous supply of water directly from the tap
  • Smart Audio and Visual Cartridge-change indicator, to show the life of the cartridge

Reverse Osmosis ( RO System)


  1. Residential –Individual Homes/Villas
  2. No of bathrooms- 10-20
  3. Commercial – Restaurants /Cafes, Gyms/Spas or hotels/guest houses

Including Product

DWS 2000T - Water System

Stainless Steel Faucet - Accessories- Faucet for drinking water systems

1-micron cartridge - Accessories- 1-micron prefilter cartridge

CUNO Housing - Accessories- prefilter housing


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