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3M - RO R8 CW - Drinking Water System

3M - RO R8 CW - Drinking Water System

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Use - Drinking Water System
Model Description F - Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system
Flow Rate (in liter/ minute ) - 1LPM
Filtration IN Microns -  0.2 Microns

Drinking Water Filtration3M has a range of drinking water purifiers which address all the needs of drinking water no matter what the source/type of water to ensure absolute purity. 3M water purifiers provide the following through a variety of technologies:



3MTM RO R8-CW protects your family's health by removing residual chlorine and harmful heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and hexavalent chromium. It even removes VOCs such as carbon tetra chloride and chloroform!


Instant Filtration :

Gives you pure water, without waiting

Inhibits growth of Bacteria

Filtres 1,500 L* of water everyday, with large-flow capacity

Individual Filter Monitoring :

Allows you to monitor each filter's status, at all times

Alerts you with an alarm, when a filter needs replacement

Low Water Wastage :

Wastes less thn 50% of the inlet water**

Avoids secondary contamination with zero stagnation

Compact Design :

Comes with ultra-thin, no-barrel design

Fits under the skin in your modular kitchen

Quiet Operation :

Reduces pump noise with unique design

Absorbs machine vibrations, making it even quieter


Specifications :

Flow Rate 1.0L/min
Rated Voltage/frequency 220VAC/50Hz
Rated Power 85W
Product Size (LxWxH) 407x135x431 mm3
Water Inlet Pressure 1-4 Bar
Applicable Water Temperature 5-38°


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