3M - Aqua-Pure™ IAS802C - Utility Water Filtration

3M - Aqua-Pure™ IAS802C - Utility Water Filtration

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The 3MTM Aqua-PureTM IAS802F Whole House Filtration together with various cartridges filters all incoming water throughout the entire home. The heavy-duty head assembly of the unit helps provide unrestricted flow rates of up to 170 LPM to meet the needs of most residential single family homes

Reduces sediment upto 5 micron

Up to 170 LPM flow rate meets the water pressure demands of most homes

Built-in pressure relief valve helps make cartridge change-out convenient

Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials

Use - Filtration

Model Description - Large Capacity System with Blue Casing and Sediment Cartridge

Specifications : 

Attribute Name Value
Micron Rating 5
Diameter (Inches) 2.75
Height ( Inches) 23.4
Flow Rate ( LPM) 170
Inlet /Outlet Size ( NPT - inches) 1
Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius) 37.8°
Pressure Range ( Bar)_ 1.7-6.9
Replacement Interval ( Months) 6 -12