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How Mizzle fits in Bathrooms of any size!

Mr. Mehta was fed up of his wet bathroom. He was concerned about his children and his old parents who may get injured due to the constantly wet floors. But he was not able to solve this problem for two reasons. First he was under a misconception that his bathroom is too small and second, he thought it will take a lot of efforts to keep the bathroom dry.

Just like Mr.Mehta, many of you must have ignored the problem of wet bathrooms. Also, you must have refrained from installing accessories and fixtures that can improve your daily life. If there is any time to move on from the misconceptions, it is right now!

Right Products, Desired Results
One of the most important products that keep your bathroom dry is shower enclosures and partitions. And yes, they fit in perfectly even in smaller bathrooms.
  offers one of the largest ranges in shower enclosures and partitions in toughened glass.. All of its products are ready to fit in your bathroom and can also be customized. So let’s understand how Mizzle is suitable to your bathroom, even if the bathroom is smaller. 

Absolute Flexibility 
The shower enclosure provided by Mizzle is very flexible in terms of its opening, size and operation. It can be fitted on one side or corner of your bathroom which is your shower area. Its width and height can be easily adjusted according to the size of your bathroom. Also, it offers flexibility in the positioning of an opening door; it can be at the left or right as per your convenience. For better operation, highly smooth sliding doors are also available.

Great Utility Value
The biggest problems that smaller bathrooms face today are that they remain wet throughout the day. This problem actually restricts your shower experience. Wetness in the bathroom is also responsible for frequent maintenance of bathroom fixtures as they may get stained or might lead to leakages. This can be easily avoided by separating your shower area. Your bathroom will remain dry and will become more organized. Any Mizzle product in your bathroom will make sure that the space of your bathroom is well utilized and that, by keeping it absolutely dry. 

Reliability and Warranty
  It is a highly efficient and very low maintenance product - The hardware and glass are both of the highest quality. The toughening process for the glass is done by the latest forced turbo charged convection system to ensure optimum flatness and uniform heating 

Easy Installation
All you need to do is place an order!
The highly qualified and experienced technical team of AK DANUM will come to your house and do a proper site inspection. Once they understand the dimensions of your bathroom, they will suggest the best options which will fit perfectly in your bathroom. Accuracy in measurements and computerized specification drawings ensures that the product when installed operates effortlessly, smoothly and is in perfect alignment. Additionally, this team never forgets to clean up your bathroom after the installation. So, Mizzle is absolutely reliable and worth an investment for a bathroom of any size.

You can click on the following link to check the variety of products Mizzle offers: You can either go for ready or customized options.



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