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How good bathroom fittings can save water

Water conservation is often projected through complicated terms and extravagant policies. The fact is it begins at your home right from your bathroom. Little factors can be addressed through the right bathroom fittings and every drop can be saved.

Leaking Taps
The dripping of water is like background music to many households. We've gotten so habitual to it that we hardly notice it. Subconsciously, we have somehow built a notion that water is abundantly available and a drop at a time is not much of a loss. We should however remember that each drop matters. Such a leakage hour after hour means you waste many litres of water!

Scarcity of Water 
Another fact that we (choose to) ignore is that water is a shared resource. If we are wasting or overusing it, someone else is losing it. Anamoly in weather conditions has meant that rainwater has diminished in quantity. Farmers, people living in deserts, slum-dwellers and many others are struggling to make ends meet because of this. It is our responsibility to use water stringently and keep it available for everyone. This will automatically reduce dependency on tankers, bore wells and other desperate measures. 

How to start? 
As mentioned, the right place to start with is your bathroom. Bathroom fittings and other hardware fittings in your house can create a major difference and save immense amount of water. Taps, generally used, do not tend to close completely causing quite a loss of water as the rubber washer undergoes wear & tear. But with washerless taps which have a ceramic disc in place of a washer, you are ensured a Dripless tap. Another option, especially in a public area, aresensor taps and automatic taps. Thesecan save a lot of water. The taps open and close sensing your hands in a pre-determined diameter. The strainers in the hands-free faucets protect them from the water impurities making it more durable and safe. Both these indeed are a great way to save water. 

Installing high performance showerheads can also be a really wise measure. We all love the water to sprinkle as we bathe. Keeping the joy intact, these showerheads can save a lot of water. New Showerheads are available today which mix air with water thereby giving aeration & reducing the output of water. Thousands of litres of water per shower per person per house can be saved by this alone.

Such ingenious ideas contribute highly towards water conservation. So next time you hear a heavy term about water conservation, just replace a bathroom fixture with a more efficient one.


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