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Dry Bathroom: Hygiene, Health and Safety

Dry Bathroom: Hygiene, Health and Safety

The first word associated with a bathroom is water. So imagining a constantly dry bathroom is quite difficult. But apart from the heavy use hours in the morning, a wet bathroom is a dangerous prospect. When we look at the advantages of a dry bathroom, we should first know how a wet bathroom is hazardous. A few points to note are:

  • The floors become slipperyand skiddy
  • Constant odour rises from the bathroom
  • There's excessive wastage of water
  • The fittings get stained with time Based on these drawbacks, the advantages of a dry bathroom are evident.

    Let's see them in detail:

    Safe - For every member of the family
    The elderly in the house use the bathroom almost all day. It is risky for them if the bathroom is wet most of the time. They might skid and hurt themselves. The same happens in case of children. In their playful moods and movements in a hurry, they might slip off the floor. To ensure that your family members do not slip or skid on wet surfaces, dry bathrooms are a must. This also means that they can use it any time and as frequently as required. 
    Hygienic - Ensuring Safety of Health
    Wet bathrooms are breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. It becomes doubly dangerous to use such bathrooms – they stain the floors, fixtures and they affect health adversely. Dry bathrooms don’t allow the growth of such microorganisms. Apart from the cleaning routines, this is an easy to follow measure. Dry bathrooms also mean less sticky surfaces and less bad odour.

    Preventing Stains - Of Tiles, Of Fixtures
    You will often notice that bathroom tiles gather a brown colour with time. These are stains caused due to water and also due to different bacteria. The obvious reason for this is accumulation of water. Dry bathrooms prevent such staining and also lock the erosion of tiles and fixtures. This naturally increases their life. 

    Saving Water - The All Important Advantage
    Constantly dripping taps and poor draining system make water accumulate in the bathroom. This is unnecessary waste of water which can be prevented with better fixtures and a consistently dry bathroom. This also contributes in conservation of water for utilisation for other purposes. In other words, if you look to conserve water, you can keep your bathrooms dry.
    Products like shower enclosures, shower and floor drains and sensor taps, help you keep bathrooms dry. Innovative products and sophisticated techniques help the in achieving all the benefits of a dry bathroom

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