Creating an Up-to-date Vintage Bathroom

Creating an Up-to-date Vintage Bathroom

Vintage bathrooms are becoming very popular and this is mainly because of their classic appeal. Vintage bathrooms don’t have to just feature a claw-foot tub and pedestal sinks, today’s vintage bathrooms include a few little extra elements from the early 20th century, combined with modern convenience. Getting the balance just right can be difficult, so here’s a little inspiration on how to create the perfect vintage bathroom.


This bathroom design shows perfectly how modern and vintage can work so well together. The modern shower enclosure and the vintage wooden furnishings and freestanding bath produce just the right balance of the old and the new.


Placing a free standing copper bath into the bathroom will instantly change the whole feeling of the room. Combining the copper colours with the wall and accessories will keep a vintage theme running throughout.


Tiling is one of the most effective ways to produce a vintage theme bathroom. The thin rectangular wall tiles are ideal combined with smaller, detailed floor tiles and vintages bathroom fixtures will create a clinical vintage feel.


If an entire wall of tiling seems too much use your dado rail and an ending or starting point. Placing tiles under a dado rail and then painting a light colour above creates a vintage feel immediately.


Large pieces of furniture designed to look tattered and worn, combined with modern lighting and accessories produce large vintage eye catching features and can dramatically change a bathroom in seconds.


If you’re looking for a little colour in your vintage bathroom design, red combined with dark wooden bathroom fixtures is an ideal option.


Silver and beige or creams are the perfect colours to use in a bathroom, especially if you’re looking for a vintage feel. Not only are the silver bathroom accessories and fixtures vintage looking, they are great for any bathroom due to the light yet romantic atmosphere they produce.


If the vintage bathroom with a little quirky difference is more you ‘thing’ adding a feature wall of jazzy, busy wallpaper would be your ideal option. To surround this wall try and place colours of a similar tone or go for a total contrast. The gold mirror and matching furnishings keep a classy theme running throughout.


This bathroom in particular shows how a modern accent colour can still work well with vintage features. The wall tilling and the vintage feeling shower and sink work perfectly with the bright yellow, modern accessories.


Taking a quick glimpse at these vintage bathroom designs will have hopefully offered you a little inspiration on what to include in your vintage bathroom designs. If you’ve already designed the vintage bathroom of your dreams, or it is an ongoing project and you think we’ve missed out a top tip or style then please do let us know over one of our social


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