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Fish-n-Flush toilet –


Talk about bringing a natural element into your bathroom: The top of this toilet actually functions as a working fish tank! If you plan on going with a nautical or ocean theme, then this creative toilet can be the right solution for you.


Interactive Urinals -


Captive Media Ltd. is an interactive gaming company located in the U.K., and thought that men just don’t have enough to do when they are in a restroom inside of a bar. They decided to create a video game to fix that issue. It is a hands-free, interactive game that starts as the man starts to urinate, and (as the video shows), he has to keep the urine inside of the gaming area in order to go to the “next level.”


World’s Fastest Toilet -


A man named Paul created this expensive outhouse, and was seen at the Westfield International Air Show in Massachusetts. There is an actual toilet inside of the building, and it set Paul back $10,000 for the work that now goes by “The Port-O-Jet.” It was created simply for the reason: “To go, where no toilet has gone before.” Seriously; that is their motto.




Modern Toilet Restaurant –


The first “The Modern Toilet.” opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2009, and was such a huge hit that they have opened fifteen more throughout Asia ever since. In these series of eating establishments, customers dine on toilet seats, eat on a table that is made from a bathtub and napkins are hung off of a toilet paper roll on a wall next to the table. If that isn’t weird enough, the drinks are served in urinals, soups are served in tiny plastic toilet bowls, and the desserts are served out of even smaller toilet bowls and are made to look like poo. This giant toilet is displayed on the entrance on the front of the building, and it is the only latrine on this list that is not used for its actual purpose.


City Life Bathroom Collection from Villeroy&Boch -


The new Smart Bench redefines the WC for today’s modern bathroom; the elegant walnut furniture conceals a ceramic toilet, which features an easy-care Ceramicplus finish, a coordinating wooden seat, plus a toilet roll and brush included within the furniture itself.


Coloured Chrome Toilet –


We picture this stand out toilet in a powder room on another planet. It will definitely make your space shine! The orange chrome toilet, complete with crystalized flusher is just one of the many funky colours available.


Escala Modern Bathroom Toilet –


This antique looking toilet puts a current spin on a classic style. It reminds us of something we’d see in a palace or castle. It’s certainly fit for royal seating!

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