7 Smart tips to Save Water


Nothing is more uncertain than a monsoon in India over the last few years. As we know, water cuts and empty dams are making all of us vulnerable to finally buy water. As our cities are growing with their infrastructure as well as population we'll need more water in coming years. So, it's high time we start saving water pro-actively. For a better future, let's be smart and take up every opportunity to save it like a fortune. Instead of going apprehensive about the shortage of water, let's get started to save it.

  • 1. Start saving water as you begin your day. Make sure the tap is off when you brush your teeth or shave your hard stubble
  • 2. Let's not shower ourselves like a giant. Let's ensure that we take a clean yet shorter bath to be able to take it every day.
  • 3. We can save a lot of water with the smart use of washing machines and dish washers on full loads.
  • 4. Let's keep our vehicles clean with a bucket of water. And, let's not allow a hosepipe to spill water on the floor when it's not cleaning our car.
  • 5. Our garden in the backyard will look greener when we water it early morning and in the evening. Watering them in thirsty afternoons will go in vain as the Sun exhausts most of it.
  • 6. Let's not get tired of doing the dishes. Rely more on your hands; they'll make it clean with less detergent and water.
  • 7. Make sure your child is aware of water scarcity. Painting a picture together is more fun than playing Holiwith water 

    As they say, that little drops make the mighty ocean. Making small changes in our habits might just be enough to face any problem in the world!
    Save Water, Save Life!