10 Commandments of Bathrooms

10 Commandments of Bathrooms

An astonishingly high percentage of fights in relationships stem from bathrooms and their (mis)use and/or (un)cleanliness. Do you crave for respite on either side of your bathroom door? Read on!


1.Confirm if the door is locked behind you.

2. Win the game of THE throne.

3. Turn on the exhaust before minding your business – ALWAYS.

 4. Clean the sink and tap after each use.Image credit:

5. Switch shower mode to tap mode after you are done showering.Image credit:

6. Pick up all stray hair. Even a tiny strand.Image credit:

7. Wipe the floor dry.Image credit:

8.Replace all that’s run out on your visit – toilet roll, shampoo, napkins, hand-wash, soap, etc.

9.Spray air freshener generously before your exit.

 10.Double check before exiting.

Remember these 10 simple instructions and trash away all “You’re impossible” arguments! We keenly await reading your accomplishments – the comments section is all yours.

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