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After your morning chores, this is the place you head to – the wash hand basin. The variety in washbasins seems to be the largest. There seems to be no end to it. Yet, we can choose only one for each bathroom. Hence choose we must

Here are a few suggestions to help you decide on which basin you should buy –


  1. What is more important to you – the look or the ease of maintainence?
    1. If it is about looks, go for an overcounter, table mounted, semi pedestal basin or a full pedestal basin.
    2. If maintenance is of utmost importance, go for a simple under counter basin
    3. What is the available area to fit in that basin?
    4. Are you looking for any particular finish, texture or colour of a washbasin?
    5. Is there a brand that you want to specifically buy?
    6. What amount are you willing to spend for it?
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